Anti-DDoS Basic

Basic Architecture

The Anti-DDoS Basic architecture consists of three modules: management center equipment, detection equipment and cleaning equipment.

Business Architecture

The Anti-DDoS Basic business structure is shown in the following figure:

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Note: 1. The image flow to the detection device 2. The detection device detects an attack, and notifies the management center of the attack information. 3. After receiving the attack information, the management center shall notify the cleaning equipment to clean. 4. Direct the traffic to the cleaning equipment, only the clean traffic can forward back after mitigation. 5. Normal flow

Name Description
Management Center Mainly responsible for receiving attack information and sending a cleaning strategy to the cleaning equipment to guide the cleaning equipment to carry out traffic cleaning.
Cleaning Equipment Mainly responsible for washing the flow of attack based on the cleaning strategy issued by the management center, and re-injecting the cleaned clean flow.
Detection Device Mainly repsonsible for analyzing the traffic components to determine if an attack occurred, and sending attack information to that management centre, if an attack occurs.

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