Anti-DDoS Basic


Quality Protective Route

  • High quality BGP routes with low latency and guaranteed traffic stability and availability.
  • The speed of access will not be affected by DDoS attacks.

Maintenance-free Installation

  • The user does not have to purchase expensive cleaning equipment.
  • As long as you are a customer of JD Cloud, you will automatically open the Anti-DDoS Basic function for you and do not need to install it.
  • Intelligent business learning and configuration protection rules.

Precision Protection

  • Precise recognition attack, second-level open protection.
  • Autonomously develop and clean equipment and algorithms to ensure a low error blocking rate.
  • Efficient defense against common DDoS attacks, including, but not limited to, common attacks such as syc flood, ack flood, etc., do not have an impact on normal business access.
  • Based on the actual business requirements, you can flexibly and real-time modify the purge trigger value to flexibly respond to business needs.
  • Real-time monitoring and displaying the current DDoS attacking data, fast locating the source of attack, monitoring the attack state, shortening the duration of the black hole, and recovering the service as soon as possible.

Free Service

  • Where the services in the JD Cloud is purchased, such as the Virtual Machine, Load Balancer and Cloud Physical Server, the maximum 2G Anti-DDoS Basic protection will be provided by use to you free of charge.

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