Anti-DDoS Basic

Core Concepts

  • DOS (Denial of Service), a denial of service attack. The attack is to use the defect in the service functions of target system network or consume directly the system resources. The purpose is to make the system of the target customer unavailable and cannot provide normal service.

  • DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service attack), a distributed denial of service attack. It refers to combining multiple computers into a “zombie machine” by means of hacker's technique, to carry out DDoS attacks on one or multiple targets to cause multiple times of denial power of service attack, so that the victim is unable to provide network services.

  • Traffic Cleaning: JD Cloud server provides the basic defense function by default. And automatically carrying out traffic cleaning on the IP when the network traffic exceeds a threshold value. The method comprises the following steps of: Orienteering a flow from an original network path to a cleaning device, performing normal and abnormal judgment on the flow components of the IP through a cleaning device, discarding the abnormal flow, limiting the flow of the final arrival server, reducing the harm caused by the attack to the server, but may cause injury to a normal portion of the flow.

  • Black Hole: When the attack traffic to a server exceeds the maximum protection capacity configured for the server room, the server is thrown into a black hole to block external network access to the server. For Anti-DDoS Basic, a flow access exceeding 2G triggers a black hole.

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