Anti-DDoS Basic


1. Q: What is the application scenario for Anti-DDoS Basic?

A: JD Cloud Anti-DDoS Basic is applied to attack protection scenarios with the highest attacking flow rate not exceeding 2G. Once the attack flow exceeds the Anti-DDoS Basic capability of the machine room, the black hole will be triggered to limit the IP of the black hole for a certain period of time.

2. Q: How to start Anti-DDoS Basic?

A: Anti-DDoS Basic does not need to be started. As long as the public network IP of JD Cloud is purchased, the DDos defense is automatically opened for each public network IP, and the defense bandwidth of 2G is provided.

3. Q: How to close Anti-DDoS Basic?

A: DDos Anti-DDoS Basic is automatically opened and cannot be closed. Anti-DDoS Basic protects your public network IP from DDos and does not have any impact on normal business access.

4. Q: What are the requirements for the defense's public network IP?

A: Anti-DDoS Basic can only defend the domain name that has been filed. If the domain name is not filed, the defense will be stopped immediately, and the warning notification will be sent.

5. Q: How long the public network IP will stay in black hole if a black hole is triggered?

A: The residence time of the public network IP triggering a black hole state in a black hole is at least 60 minutes, during which the IP of the public network is still monitored. Once attack flow exceeding the machine room capability is monitored again, the black hole time is extended by 60 minutes at the last time the attack was monitored.

6. Q: How does the attack flow exceed 2G?

A: The black hole is triggered when the attack exceeds 2G, and the access to the IP is shielded for a period of time.

Recommend you purchase JD Cloud's Anti-DDoS Protection Package service or Anti-DDoS Pro service to get more powerful defense capability.

7. Q: What attack types are supported by Anti-DDoS Basic?

A: Include but not limited to SYN Flood, ACK Floods, TCP Floods, UDP Flood, DNS reflection attacks, NTP reflection attacks, SSDP reflection attacks, and other common attacks.

8、Q: What will you do if the 2G protection capacity of Anti-DDoS Basic cannot meet the demand?

A: It is suggested that you shall buy the Anti-DDoS Protection Package service to improve your protection capacity.

At present, the Anti-DDoS Protection Package only supports maximum 50G protection capacity in cn-north-1 and cn-east-2. If you need more protection capacity and web attack protection, it is suggested that the Anti-DDoS Pro shall be purchased.

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