Anti-DDoS Basic

Product Overview

Anti-DDoS Basic is a free service launched by JD Cloud users for common cloud attacks.

can provide you with a maximum of 2G basic DDoS attack protection capability. You can do it based on the business needs to set the trigger value of traffic cleaning, so that the common security attack will not threaten your business and safeguard your business security.

The features of Anti-DDoS Basic are as follows

1: Support A Variety of Flood Attack Defense: It can effectively resist SYN Flood, UDP Flood, ACK Floods, ICMP Flood, and so on, and the base protection capability of 2G is maximum supported.

2: Free to use: Once the EIP in the Cloud is purchased, the 2G Anti-DDoS Basic service will be enabled for free.

Application Scenarios

For all users subject to DDoS attack in JD Cloud, JD Cloud will provide at most 2G basic Anti-DDoS security service to your EIP free of charge.

Update Time:2019-04-11 16:44:38