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Delete whitelist rules of web service rule, multiple webWhiteListRuleId, separated by ',', can be uploaded in batch operations, when result.code returns 1, representing operation succeeded, when 0, representing all or part of the operations may fail

Request Method


Request Address{regionId}/instances/{instanceId}/webRules/{webRuleId}/webWhiteListRules/{webWhiteListRuleId}

Name Type Required or Not Default Value Description
regionId String True Region ID, Anti-DDoS Pro dose not differentiate regions, upload to cn-north-1 directly
instanceId String True Anti-DDoS Pro instance Id
webRuleId String True Web Rule Id
webWhiteListRuleId String True Whitelist rule Id of web service rules

Request Parameter


Return Parameter

Name Type Description
result Result
requestId String
error Error


Name Type Description
err Err


Name Type Description
code Long Same as http code
details Object
message String
status String Specific Error


Name Type Description
code Integer Deletion result, 0: Deletion failed, 1: Deletion succeeded
message String Please specify reasons for deletion failure

Return Code

Return Code Description
200 OK
Update Time:2019-08-20 17:20:41