Anti-DDoS Pro


Anti-DDoS Pro

Basic Architecture

Anti-DDoS Pro is the pay-added service that launched when the Internet server is not available after being attacked by large traffic of DDoS attacks.

After you subscribe the Anti-DDoS Pro service, and configured the IP address which users accessed can forward traffic to Anti-DDoS Pro. By carrying out real-time detection and cleaning of all abnormal traffic through the Anti-DDoS Pro service, it ensures that only the normal flow can be returned to the user server, thus ensuring the stability and reliability of the source station.

Anti-DDoS Pro Unaccessed

When the Anti-DDoS Pro is unaccessed, all the normal and abnormal visits will arrive directly to the source station. In case of DDoS attacks, the source station can be easily broken down.

Anti-DDoS Pro Architecture Diagram

After Anti-DDoS Pro Access

After access to Anti-DDoS Pro business, all access traffics to the source station will be detected in real time through Anti-DDoS Pro. The Anti-DDoS Pro has strong protection mechanism, all the traffic will direct to Anti-DDoS Pro¡¯s scrubbing center, mitigate the attacks of layer-4 and layer-7. The mechanism ensure that only clean traffic can redirect to the origin server. Anti-DDoS Pro Architecture Diagram

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