Anti-DDoS Pro


Anti-DDoS Pro


Mass Defense against DDoS Attack

Supports Telecom + Unicom + CMCC, the machine room cluster has cleaning capability up to 1,5T, so it can cope easily with various large-traffic DDoS attacks.

Accurate Attack Defense

The mature attack defense algorithm of Anti-DDoS Pro can filter the multi-layer attack traffic, and then analyze the characteristics of attacks from multiple dimensions and multiple items through machine learning. It can defense effectively against various DDoS attacks based on network layer, transport layer and application layer.

Quick Access

You can complete the access by simply resolving the domain to be protected to the safe domain configured by JD Cloud at the cname at the DNS service provider.

Full-Business Coverage

It covers all kinds of business scenarios, both non-web service and web service, such as finance, e-commerce, government, and mobile APP, and supports TCP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

High-availability Service

All day monitoring, automatic attack cleaning and Multi-region cleaning center can ensure that safety and reliability of your business in an effective way.

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