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Anti-DDoS Pro

Billing Overview

Billing Item

The billing items of JD Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro include basic protection, elastic protection, and business bandwidth.

Basic Protection

Anti-DDoS Pro provides fixed defense capabilities, including fixed attack protection peak value (Gbps) and CC defense peak value (QPS). Monthly package. The price of basic protection varies with the ISP lines selected. The optional ISP lines are Telecom and Telecom+Unicom+CMCC's ISP line.

Elastic Protection

The elastic protection refers to the extended DDoS protective capability provided when the actual attack traffic exceeds the protective capability of basic protection, including the extension of the of DDoS attack protection peak value (Gbps) and the CC defense peak value (QPS). The elastic protection can be upgraded and degraded. If the attack traffic does not exceed the protection peak value of the basic protection, no cost will be charged.

Business Bandwidth

Refers to the consumption bandwidth of normal service in non-DDoS attack state. Unit: Mbps. By fault, 100 Mbps is gifted. You can buy larger business bandwidth if needed.

Payment Method


Includes basic protection+business bandwidth, charged according to the unified billing method of monthly package. Can only be upgraded, and cannot be degraded.


The elastic protection part is charged daily according to the larger actual billing interval of the Attack Peak Value exceeding the minimum protective capability (Gbps) or CC protective capability (QPS) of the day before, then a bill of Pay-As-You-Go will be generated. If the attack does not exceed the defense peak value of basic protection, you will not be charged for the elastic protection.

Renewal Rules

Monthly package renewal: extends the expiration time of Anti-DDoS Pro instance. The renewal duration can be from 1 month to 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. Among which, Yearly Package of 100G and above is allowed to be renewed annually only.

If the renewal is made before the expiration date, the start time of the new order is the expiration date of the original order. If the renewal is made after the expiration, the start time of the new order is the day of renewal; Batch renewal: Batch renewal for multiple Anti-DDoS Pro instances will extend the usage duration of the selected resources according to the selected renewal duration by the user.

Arrear/Expiration Instructions

Monthly Package

After the instance expires, the billing status will be marked as expiration, and the Anti-DDoS Pro service will be degraded to the basic protective capability for 2G. If the renewal is not made within 7 days, the instance will be deleted 7 days later, and all data configurations of the instance as well. Once deleted, the instance data cannot be recovered. If the renewal is made within 7 days, the minimum bandwidth protective capability and elastic protective capability can be back to normal right after renewal. Before your Anti-DDoS Pro instance expires, JD Cloud will send you reminds in form of mail and text message. Please check and renew in time; when your Anti-DDoS Pro instance expires, you will receive a mail and text message to notify that your resources have expired. Be sure to view the notification and renew in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

Pay-As-You-Go of Elastic Traffic

Your Anti-DDoS status will be changed to "arrear" when the balance in your account plus the sum of coupon that can be used to pay that resource is insufficient to pay the charges of elastic traffic of the previous billing period (24 hours). The elastic protective capability of Anti-DDoS instance will be deactivated and the minimum protective capacity will be reduced to 2G.

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