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Related Configurations of CC defense Rules

CC defense rules are of Web Service protection, so you need to switch to the Web Service Forwarding Setting first.

The steps are as follows:

  • First, you need to log in to Anti-DDoS Pro Console.
  • Find the instance that needs to be configured. Click the instance name to enter the Instance Details page.
  • Switch to Website Forwarding Setting Website Forwarding Rules

Operation Steps

  1. Click Protection Rules to expand the configuration of protection rules.

    Website Forwarding Rules

  2. Configure global CC defense policy.

    Website Forwarding Rules

    The following is the interpretation of the rules:

    • CC defense of the protection rules takes effect globally, so global CC defense is on when the CC defense is on.

    • If the global CC defense is closed, all CC defense of the configured domain names in the website forwarding setting will be turned off.

    • CC defense peak value shows the peak size of CC defense of the purchased package.

    • CC defense mode configuration. The system supports four kinds of CC defense modes:

      • "Loose": Only few of the visits will be checked through CC rules. Suitable for websites with not many visits.
      • "Normal": When there is no obvious exception in the website, please select the normal mode. Only part of visits is checked.
      • "Critical": In case of the slow website response, and exception in the CPU, memory, etc., use the emergency mode. This mode is of rigorous detection and may cause false judgment.
      • "Customization": Appropriate for advanced users. Enables them to customize the protection threshold. Includes HTTP request number threshold, the protection threshold of each Host, the protection threshold of each Host+URI, the protection threshold of each source IP to Host, the protection threshold of each source IP to Host+URI. The maximum HTTP request number threshold does not exceed the threshold of the purchased package.
  3. Configure CC defense policies for single domain name.

    • If the global CC defense is on, the CC defense of a separate domain name can be closed.
    • If global CC defense is off, the CC defense of certain single domain name cannot be turned on.
  4. CC Observation Mode

    If CC observation mode is turned on, CC defense only sends alarm and does not activate protection.

  5. Configure Speed Limit

    • Anti-DDoS Pro supports limiting the visit speed of source IP. Click the "Edit" button in the speed limit rule for settings. The minimum time can be set to seconds.
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