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Create Instance

You can quickly create an instance via Anti-DDoS Pro console or API. See "Price Overview" and "Billing Rules" for billing instructions of instance.

This article describes creating the instance of Anti-DDoS Pro via console.


  • Have a JD Cloud account and have completed the real- name verification. If you do not have an account, please Register, or complete Real- name Verification.
  • If you need to use elastic protection, please make sure that your account balance (including coupon) is not less than the amount of at least one-day payment of the highest elastic package fee to avoid underpayment and affect the normal use

Operation Steps

  1. Log in Anti-DDoS Pro Console.
  2. On the "Instance List" page, click Create to enter the "Create Instance" page. Create Instance
  3. Select the appropriate ISP Line and protection package. It is recommend purchase the combination of basic protection+elastic protection. Create Instance

Once the payment has been made, an instance is created successfully.

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