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This document introduces the important updating history of the Anti-DDoS Pro product documentation, including material properties of the new product and updates based on the users' feedback.

Launch Date Property Description
December, 2017 Anti-DDoS Pro V1.0 Anti-DDoS Pro released for the first time. Supports non-Web Service protection rules:
1. Management and configuration: Supports the creation of Anti-DDoS Pro instances, and the management of the created Anti-DDoS Pro instances.
2. Supports non-web service forwarding settings: supports the forwarding setting of TCP protocol, multiple IP back-to-origin, domain name back-to-origin
3. Supports IP black list/white list configuration
4. Supports accurate report display
March, 2018 Anti-DDoS Pro V2.0 The version combining Anti-DDoS Pro + Web Anti-DDoS Pro went online
1. One-stop purchase: Combines the original Anti-DDoS Pro and Web Anti-DDoS Pro, and supports the requirements of webs-based and non-Web Service protection.
2. Full-service coverage: Supports HTTP/HTTPS/TCP/UDP protocol
3. Multiple ISP line support: Supports Telecom + Unicom's ISP line
4. Multiple non-web service forwarding modes: Supports polling, weighted polling, forwarding mode of minimum number of connections
5. Protection engine optimization: Its four-layer protection supports syn proxy protection policy, and can greatly reduce the rate of report missing and misjudgment.
6. CC intellectualization: CC supports scenario-based protection mode, and is more intelligent and easier to configure because it itself can configure different modes of loose, normal, critical, etc. according to the business.
May, 2018 Anti-DDoS Pro V2.2 strengthens in CC defense
1. CC defense enhancement: In custom mode, it has more configurations of protection threshold, including the identity and access management of Host, Host + URI, source IP to Host, and source IP to Host + URI
2. Forwarding rules support backup IP address configuration: For abnormal business, the visit does not have to be going through for getting access
3. Web Service rules are more flexible: Supports modes of polling and weighted polling
4. Report: Supports multiple instance selections, and adds attack statistics
5. Satisfies scenarios that only allow HTTPS: Supports HTTP protocol enforced to jump to HTTPS
July, 2018 Anti-DDoS Pro V2.3 Anti-DDoS Pro supports Telecom's ISP line and the new functions of Web Service rules
1. Supports ISP line upgrade: the original Telecom, Telecom + Unicom lines can be upgraded to three-ISP line package.
2. New functions of Web Service protection: Supports non-standard ports like non-80, 443; supports websocket; supports all visits to the forced HTTP back-to-origin;
3. Interface optimization: Adds diagram of product protection flow process and supports report query of all instances.
November 2018 Anti-DDoS Pro V2.4 New purchased instances support the protection for IPV6 addresses. Only China Telecom Line supports IPV6 at present.
December 2018 Anti-DDoS Pro V2.5 1. Certificate management menu is added to support unified upload and management of certificates in Anti-DDoS Pro;
2. The domain in the web service forwarding rules can directly refer to the uploaded certificate in Anti-DDoS Pro certificate management. Which resolved the problem of repetition and inconvenient operation in the case of multiple domains, under which certificates need to be uploaded separately.
March 2019 Anti-DDoS Pro V3.0 Anti-DDoS Pro new price list is launched:
1. The price of one hundred G yearly package pricing is more favorable;
2. Though the protection capability is increased, the price list covers larger protection range.

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