Anti-DDoS Pro


Anti-DDoS Pro

Product Overview

The Anti-DDoS Pro is a pay-added security service against DDoS attack, relying on JD Cloud security team's solid technical force, and on the basis of JD Mall's years of practical experience in attack defense. It is designed to protect the security of the user server in the event that the user is under large-traffic DDoS attack.

After the Anti-DDoS Pro service is activated, the IP address of Anti-DDoS Pro will be the proxy user and visit the source station, so that the source station of the user will not be exposed to the external, thereby effectively protecting the source station.

The characteristics of the Anti-DDoS Pro product are as follows:

1: Supports massive DDoS attack defense: It can accurately identify the characteristics of traffic, thus effectively resist various large-traffic attack such as Syn Flood, UDP Flood and ICMP Flood. The total protective capability is up to level T, so it can easily resist large-traffic attack;

2: Has flexible billing combination: The flexible combination of basic protection+elastic protection can continue to provide protection even when the attack traffic exceeds the peak value of basic protection package, so as to ensure a smooth business. The billing of elastic protection is flexible, and is based on the actual peak value. There would be no charge with no attack.

3: Covers all business scenarios: One-stop purchase, offering web service (IP) + non-web service (domain) protection, supports IPV4 and IPV6 protection scenarios.

Usage Scenarios:

For all customers suffering from DDoS attacks, no matter the service is in JD cloud or not, the JD Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro can always provide defense against DDoS attack

Update Time:2019-04-19 15:19:34