Anti-DDoS Pro


Anti-DDoS Pro


Part of the constraints in Anti-DDoS Pro needs to be noted.

Capability Restraint of Package

The maximum basic protection capability of Anti-DDoS Pro is 600G, while the maximum basic + elastic protection is 1.5T.

Restraint of Upgrade and Degradation

  • Basic protection and service bandwidth: can only be upgraded and cannot be degraded.
  • Line: Only allow single line to upgrade to multi-line, if Telecom is upgraded to Telecom + Unicom + Mobile lines, it cannot be downgraded.

Refund Restraint

After the purchase is completed, no matter whether there is attack or not, there will be charges. It is non-refundable.

Elastic Protection Billing

No charges when you purchase the package of elastic protection. However, if the actual attack reaches the peak value of elastic range, there will be pay orders on the day after and the billing depends on the attack.

Restraint of Instance Scale

An instance of Anti-DDoS Pro only provides 60 ports and 60 domains by default. In case of needs for more ports and domains, please purchase multiple instances.

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