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Update DNS Resolution

After this step is completed, all users' access traffic will be forwarded back to the user's Origin Server after being through Anti-DDoS Pro.


  • The Anti-DDoS Pro has been successfully purchased and the billing status is normal.
  • All Forwarding Settings have been completed and been verified to take effect.

Operation Steps

  1. Log in Anti-DDoS Pro Console.
  2. On the "Instance List" page, select the target instance, then click Instance Name or Forwarding Setting to enter the Instance Details page. Copy the cname value to be modified in the web service or non-web service forwarding rules.
    Take non-web service forwarding rules as an example, find the cname to be copied at the red box as follows: Modify DNS
  3. At the provider of domain, you need to modify the domain name resolution configuration to resolve the domain name to the IP of Anti-DDoS Pro. Take the "JD Cloud DNS" of JD Cloud as an example, on Console –>> Domain Service –>> JD Cloud DNS, enter JD Cloud JD Cloud DNS Console.
    Modify DNS
    Find the domain name to be resolved, as follows: Modify DNS
    Click to enter the resolution configuration: Modify DNS
    Change the record value to the cname address of Anti-DDoS Pro.

Special Instructions

  • If the return/defense status in the forwarding rules is a back-to-origin, the access traffic will not go to the Anti-DDoS Pro, but directly to the Origin Server.

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