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View Security Report

Anti-DDoS Pro provides rich security reports to help you understand the protective effects after getting access to Anti-DDoS Pro.

Operation Steps

Mode 1

  1. Log in to the Anti-DDoS Pro Monitoring Report Page. Menu bar position is as follows:

  1. The relevant reports of the first instance will be displayed by default. You can switch the instance in the dropdown box of the Instance name, or you can select multiple or all of the instances. If more than one instance is selected, the chart data in report will be displayed in an accumulative way.

Mode 2

  1. Log in Anti-DDoS Pro Console.
  2. To find the instance of report that you want to view, you need to click View report to view the report of that instance.

Report Type

Anti-DDoS Pro reports are classified into three categories: DDoS attack protection, forwarding traffic and CC defense. By default, the report on display is the one of that day. You may change it to display reports of 7 days and 30 days. You can view the reports of up to 30 days, with the minimum report size being 5 minutes. The report issue is the display of attack log.

  1. Report of DDoS Attack Protection Includes the comparison of the traffic before and after protection. Click the legend to view only the traffic before or after protection. Move the mouse to the figure to show the traffic data of that line.

  2. Forwarding Traffic Report The traffic of back-to-origin station and forwarded from the Anti-DDoS Pro can be viewed in the forwarding traffic report.

  3. CC Defense Report Anti-DDoS Pro defends CC attack and a CC defense report will be produced. CC report supports switching between different domains. Because CC defense only takes effect on the Web Service, of all CC defense reports, only the Web Service forwarding rules can produce CC defense traffic.

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