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Release Back-to-origin IP

This step is only for the user that uses firewall. It is not mandatory.
If a firewall is in use at your Origin Server, please shut it down to ensure that there is no impact on the services of Anti-DDoS Pro. Or add the back-to-origin IP of Anti-DDoS Pro to the white list.


  • The Anti-DDoS Pro has been successfully purchased and the billing status is normal.

Operation Steps

  1. Log in Anti-DDoS Pro Console.
  2. On the "Instance List" page, select the target instance, then click Instance Name or Forwarding Setting to enter the Instance Details page. Web Service Instance
  3. Get the IP segments of Anti-DDoS Pro back-to-origin that need to be added to the white list, as shown at the red box below. Anti-DDoS Pro Back-to-origin

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