Anti-DDoS Protection Package

Create Instance

You can create protection package instance through Anti-DDoS Basic console or API quickly. For Billing Instructions of the instance, see “Price Overview”, "Billing rules".

This document introduces how to create instance of Anti-DDoS Protection Package through the console.


  • JD Cloud account registration is done and real-name verification is completed. If you don't have an account yet, please registry,or conduct real-name verification
  • If it is necessary to use elastic protection, please ensure your Account Balance (including Coupon) is not less than the amount of paying for the maximum elastic package at least one day, in order to avoid affecting use for arrearage

Action Steps

  1. Log in the Anti-DDoS Protection Package console which is located in the directory of Anti-DDoS Basic.

  2. In case of buying for the first time, please Subscribe Now in the menu of console Anti-DDoS Protection Package; 防护包开通页

  3. After enabling the service, if it is necessary to buy more, please select create in the list of the protection packages. 防护包列表页

  4. Select an appropriate package type, and suggest buying the combination of basic protection + elastic protection. 防护包购买页

After payment, create an instance successfully.

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