Anti-DDoS Protection Package

Document History Records

This document introduces the important update history of the anti-DDoS protection package, including the significant features of new products and the content updates based on users’ feedback.

Release Date Features Description
October 2018 Anti-DDoS Protection Package V1.0 DDoS Protection Package Released at the First Time
1. Support direct improvement on anti-DDoS capabilities of virtual machine, load balancer and cloud physical server and others in JD Cloud;
2. Support switching between exclusive IP and shared IP, and change of protection object;
3. Support checking monitoring reports and protection logs and capture package downloading;
4. Support operation logs and query;
November 2018 Anti-DDoS Protection Package V1.0 Transaction billing is supported by Anti-DDoS Protection Package
December 2018 Anti-DDoS Protection Package V1.1 greyscale is ended for Anti-DDoS Protection Package, which supports all users of JD Cloud for purchasing.

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