Anti-DDoS Protection Package

Product Overview

Anti-DDoS protection package is a paid product that improves DDoS protection capability for users who deploy businesses in JD Cloud. It is convenient to conduct smooth upgrade on the basis of free 2G bandwidth of basic protection according to the requirements of users themselves. Compared with Anti-DDoS Pro, it has characteristics of simple deployment, lower network latency, high access quality guarantee, etc.

It currently supports multiple businesses in JD Cloud, such as improvement of anti-DDoS capabilities for virtual machines, load balancer, cloud physical server, Web application firewall, etc.

Anti-DDoS Protection Package has the following product characteristics:

1: IP address is unnecessary to change: directly promote the protection capability of the bought Public IP, without changing the IP address;

2: Quickly access: Buy on use, without complicated configuration, and take effect in seconds.

3: exclusive IP and shared IP: the protection package form of exclusive IP and shared IP supports one protection package for multiple protection objects. Maximally support defense of infinite IPs.

4: attack capture evidence collection: automatically capture the attack for obtaining evidence, provide the information of attack source IP to help trace to the source.

5: effectively guarantee business stable: provide at most 50G defense capability, and guarantee your business stable.

Customer Scenario:

Users buying Public IPs in JD Cloud acquire higher DDoS protection capability through buying the protection package,

such as users who have bought JD Cloud virtual machine, load balancer, container and other services.

Update Time:2019-01-03 17:49:13