Anti-DDoS Protection Package


You shall pay attention to some constraint conditions in use of Anti-DDoS Protection Package.

Capability limit of package

At present, only support IP protection in cn-north-1 and cn-east-2;

The maximum protection capability of North China is 50G, and the East China is 30G;

Protection is provided only for the users with Public IP in JD Cloud, such as virtual machine, load balancer;

If the product arrears, for example the Pay-As-You-Go order generated by elastic protection is not paid, the protection capability of the instance will be reduced to the basic protection.

Upgrading/degrading limitation

  • Basic protection: Only upgrading is allowed, and degrading is not allowed;
  • Region cannot be changed during upgrading;
  • The exclusive IP supports to upgrade to shared IP;
  • The quantity of shared IPs can only be increased, but not reduced.

Refund limitation

Upon successful buying, whether there is attack, whether to bind a protection object, it will bill, and not support refund.

Elastic Protection Charging

Elastic protection is not charged when the package is purchased. However, the pay-as-you-go order will be produced on the alternate day if the actually produced attack reaches up to the elastic peak scope.

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