Availability Group


Improve Service Availability

When you choose to use Availability Group to deploy Virtual Machines, JD Cloud will ensure that instances are scattered through different Availability Zones of different physical fault domains (Availability Group can come across different Availability Zones). All the fault domains are isolated from one another. A hardware failure happened in one fault domain can only affect the instances deployed in this domain and instances in other fault domain are still available for use, which guarantees the availability of your service.

Automatic Operation and Maintenance

The number of instances in an availability group is dynamically tuned without manual real-time intervention. Availability Groups support dynamically adding and deleting pay by configuration billing instances based on your preset alarm/timing strategy. It is easy to cope with the fluctuation of business load, ensure the service capacity in peak and save business costs in trough.

Update Time:2019-07-01 17:59:30