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Create Availability Group


Before you create the Availability Group, you need to finish Create Instance Template.

Operational Steps

  1. AccessAvailability Groups Console to enter the Availability Groups List page. Or accessJD Cloud Console and then click on the left navigation bar Elastic Compute-Availability Groups to enter the Availability Groups List page.

  2. Choose region.

  3. Click Create to go to the Create page of the Availability Group.

  4. Select Region: At this step, you are able to choose the corresponding region for new Availability Group. If the number of the selected region has reached its quota limit, you can open ticket to increase the quota.

  5. Set up the attribute of the Availability Zone of the Availability Group. In order to ensure the best service availability, we recommend you choose multiple Availability Zones. Virtual Machines in the Availability Group will be allocated evenly, so as to reduce the influence to your service in case of a single failure in a Availability Zone.

  6. Set up a name and description for Availability Group, e.g.: AG-of-Web-Service.

  7. Select instance template. A drop down box will show a list of satisfied instance templates. Please be sure to select the instance type configured with the second generation instance type or GPU type.

  8. Click the OK to trigger the creation of Availability Group. You can see the Availability Group created successfully on the Availability Group Listing page.

     Please note that: The AZ information cannot be modified after the Availability Group has been created.

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