Availability Group

Product Overview

Availability Group (AG) is a business availability deployment solution provided by JD Cloud, which is a logical collection of computing resources. It provides a mechanism for balanced deployment of VMs across multiple fault domains (FDs) in a data center. The instances are dispersed in isolated physical hosts. In case of hardware failure , it will only affect some instances, and your business is still available. Fault isolation between fault domains avoids the overall impact of partial failures on availability applications.

Free Use, the relevant fees are collected according to the resources in the group. It will support container type Availability Group soon.

Related Concepts

See Core-Concepts for concepts that are often involved in understanding the JD Cloud Availability Group.

Main Operation

  • Create Availability Group
  • Flexibly manage the resources in the Availability Group, add and remove Virtual Machines as required.
  • Enable/disable auto scaling
  • Flexible configuration of auto scaling strategy, add/delete auto scaling strategy
  • Custom notification of contact group of auto scaling
  • Query auto scaling record
Update Time:2019-07-01 17:59:30