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Manually Remove Virtual Machines

For Availability Groups, you can control new instances and remove instances. Corresponding to the new instances, there are two ways to remove instances: manual and automatic. If you need to manually remove instances, you need to follow these steps:

Operational Steps

  1. AccessAvailability Groups Console to enter the Availability Groups List page. Or accessJD Cloud Console and then click on the left navigation bar Elastic Compute-Availability Groups to enter the Availability Groups List page.

  2. Choose region.

  3. Find the Availability Group and click the name to enter the details page.

  4. Click Instance Tab to find the Virtual Machines that needs to be removed, and click the Remove button.

  5. The window for secondary confirmation will pop up, and click OK to trigger the removal operation.

     Please note that:
     * When you manually remove the instance of pay by configuration billing, you can choose whether to delete the instances.
     * When an instance is removed from a Availability Group, it will not have Availability Group attributes, and cannot re-join the Availability Group. Please be careful. In addition, the monthly-package instances can be removed manually, while the auto-scaling function cannot automatically remove the monthly-package instances.
Update Time:2019-08-28 21:38:28