Operation Instructions

CLI Introduction

At present, JD Cloud provides you with a variety of ways to manage JD Cloud resources: console page operation, JD Cloud SDK or CLI tools to directly call API for business configuration. As an important complement to the console page operating mode, the JD Cloud CLI tool is generated automatically based on OpenAPI metadata to help you easily manage the command-line tools for JD Cloud resources. Through it, you can quickly call JD Cloud API, carry out automation and script processing, combine and reuse cloud resources in a variety of ways. At present, there are more than ten business lines supporting VM, network, container and so on. JD Cloud CLI has the following features:

  1. Support cross-platform. The CLI is currently supported on Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.
  2. It can only be used after authentication. It's necessary to apply for JD Cloud AccessKey and SecretKey (hereinafter referred to as AK/ SK, view AccessKey Management Page for details) before use.
  3. Depend on the JD Cloud Python SDK.
Update Time:2019-02-20 20:36:38