Cloud Cabinet Service

Overview of Getting Started

Setup Process

The setup process for the customers to use the Cloud Cabinet Service of JD Cloud is as follows:

  1. The pre-sale department needs to communicate with you to confirm the specific demands;

  2. The pre-sale & products departments confirm the resources required according to your demand;

  3. The sales department sign a contract with you and confirm the demand information;

  4. JD Cloud enters your cabinet information into the Cloud Cabinet Service backend, and customers can start to use JD Cloud Cabinet Service at which is the console of JD official website. JD Cloud will notify you by mail and SMS of the setup/shutdown of Cloud Cabinet Service, convenient for your timely view.

  5. You can open the ticket that you require by the Console-Cloud Cabinet Service-Ticket Management Module, convenient and efficient.

Update Time:2019-03-07 16:33:26