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Overview of Cloud Disk Service expansion


Cloud Disk Service is an extensible storage device provided by JD Cloud for Virtual Machines. Users can upgrade the cloud disk capacity after creating it to increase the storage space and retain original data in the cloud disk at the same time. After the Cloud Disk Service upgrades the capacity, the file system of the cloud system in the Virtual Machines should also be extended to identify the newly added storage space.

There are several scenarios of Cloud Disk Service expansion. Some common scenarios for cloud disk expansion and related document links for Cloud Disk Services used as data disks are listed as below. Please select your suitable expansion mode based on the specific scenario:

Expansion limit

The new cloud disks are divided into the general type SSD cloud disk, performance type SSD cloud disk and capacity type HDD cloud disk. The new cloud disks allow the same expansion limit, which is 4,000GB. See the following table for details:

Cloud Disk Type Capacity Before Expansion Capacity Cap After Expansion
Capacity Type HDD Cloud Disk < 4000GB 4000GB
General Type SSD Cloud Disk < 4000GB 4000GB
Performance Type SSD Cloud Disk < 4000GB 4000GB
Update Time:2019-07-23 20:28:35