Use Coupon

Use of Pay-In-Advance

  1. Only one coupon can be used for each payment.

  2. Two conditions shall be met for the use of coupon. Firstly, the products purchased are covered by the coupon, and secondly, the billing type of the products purchased supports coupon payment. Otherwise, the coupon is at unavailable status.

  3. Use coupon at the payment confirmation page. The amount will be automatically deducted after selecting corresponding coupon.

TimLine Screenshot 20170818155053.png

Use of Pay-As-You-Go

  1. The Pay-As-You-Go products such as products pay by configuration will generate a daily bill, and the system will deduct automatically. The account will give priority to deduct the coupon, or deduct the balance for insufficient coupon balance or no coupon.

  2. Deduction Rules

(1) Normal coupon deduction cannot be conducted unless the coupon supports both the product line and the billing type.

(2) Under the same condition, the system prefers to deduct the coupon with latest expiry date. If the expiration time is the same, the coupon with the minimum amount will be deducted first by the system.

Update Time:2019-04-12 15:26:43