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Domain Name Service

Domain name service is a comprehensive domain name management platform that integrates domain name registration, resolution, monitoring and protection. Domain name service can help you meet the following requirements: - Domain Registration: Provide a wide range of domain names for you to select. - Domain Name Protection: Fully protect your registration information and domain name information from malicious harassment based on security service such as privacy protection and security lock service. - Brand Protection: Protect your brand with domain names and help groups and large enterprises manage brands and domain names safely and efficiently. - Domain Resolution: Provide free, efficient and secure DNS server Based on JD Cloud DNS to ensure that Domains are ready to use right after purchase.

Domain Name

There are millions of machines on the Internet. To differentiate these machines, each machine is assigned an IP address. However, because the IP address has no practical meaning, it is difficult to remember, so there is the domain name. The domain name is mainly composed of English letters, Arabic numerals, "-", ".", etc., in order to facilitate the memory and communication of a set of server addresses (website, email, FTP, etc.). The domain name and the IP address are corresponded to each other. On the Internet, there is a DNS (Domain Name Server) to convert the domain name and IP. You enter the domain name on the browser, and the DNS will convert the domain name and IP to find the corresponding server, then open the corresponding web page. To establish server publishing information on the Internet, you must first register the corresponding domain name. Domain name registration is the basis for establishing services on the Internet. Since the registration of domain names follows the principle of "first apply for registration first", the registration of each domain name in the Chinese Library is unique and non-repeatable. If you want to use your server to publish information, you need to register the domain name as soon as possible.

Domain Name

Currently, domain names are mainly divided into top-level domains and ordinary domain names.

The top-level domain name refers to the domain name with only 3 characters after the identifier http://, such as,, etc. Fields and fields are separated by dots, www for World Wide Web, in Chinese World Wide Web, jd for JD, and com for commercial companies. Top-level domains are divided into international top-level domains and domestic top-level domains:

  • ITLD, also known as IDN, is the earliest and most widely used domain names. For example, .com for company companies, .net for network services, .org for non-profit organizations, etc.
  • Domestic top-level domain names are also called domestic domain names, with different suffixes assigned according to different countries. For example, .cn for China, .us for America, .jp for Japan, etc.

.cn Domain Name

Easy Registration: According to the new domain name management method, China's .cn domain name registration will have major changes, which will greatly simplify the procedures for registering domain names. To apply for a .cn domain name, use only need to fill out the registration application on Internet. During the transition period, the domain name will be put into operation within 5 working days. Of course, if you are to register a government domain name under, you must submit the written official document. Stability: The .cn domain name is an international top-level domain managed by China and is the Chinese concept on the Internet. The .cn domain name is mainly parsed by the domestic domain name server, and user can access the website with .cn domain name more stably and quickly. CNNIC, which is responsible for .cn domain name resolution, has set up domain name resolution auxiliary servers in five regions of the country, which greatly improved the stability of .cn domain names. Legal Basis: disputes concerning .cn domain names will be resolved by our institutions in accordance with the national laws. Full Chinese service is offered.

.com Domain Name

The .com domain is one of the most popular domain names in countries and industries. As one of the earliest domain name with extensions, it has a good reputation and is used by many large companies in the world for website promotion. Moreover, you can use this domain name to create a customized professional email address (e.g. your name@your

.hk Domain Name

The .hk domain name is the domain name of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China and has a strong and distinctive identification. Registration of the .hk domain name is not only a protection for corporate brands, but also a frontier for companies to enter the international market with unlimited business opportunities.

.mobi Domain Name

.mobi is an exclusive domain name approved by ICANN and dedicated to delivering Internet contents to mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs, mobile phones. The .mobi mobile domain name is the network identity of the enterprise mobile internet, which is unique and irreplaceable. With more than 1.8 billion mobile phone users worldwide, it is a powerful tool for mobile internet marketing. At present, mobile phones have the ability to compete with existing PC and NB in office and business entertainment applications. The .mobi mobile domain name, will fully support the access and browsing of mobile terminals such as mobile PDAs, is the most distinctive English addressing method for the mobile Internet in the 3G era.

.name Domain Name

The .name domain name is the international top-level domain name same as .com and .net. It is easy to identify and especially suitable for personal websites as any company, organization, or individual can register.

.me Domain Name

Me=I, with pronunciation of me. The .me domain name provides a better platform to show off, and is also an easy way for companies to promote themselves faster and more efficiently. It is rich in content and more creative and distinctive. Any company, organization, or individual can register.

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