Auto Database and Table Sharding

The simple definition is made to automatically realize database and table sharding and physically store the data in several JCS for MySQL instances and databases, but a list is still presented to applications and almost no change in transparency of workloads and applications is required, realizing the horizontal scaling of storage and processing capabilities of databases.

Distributed Architecture

In the cluster scheme based on the distributed architecture, a lot of peer nodes simultaneously provide services to the outside, which not only can effectively avoid the single-point fault of the service, but also is easier to expand.

High Performance

It has a superior processing capacity. With only two nodes, it supports ten thousand of QPS and provides users with a super large-scale processing capacity.

Compatible with JCS for MySQL

It is compatible with most of JCS for MySQL syntax, including JCS for MySQL syntax, character sets, data types, indexes, common functions, sorting, association and other DDL and DML statements. The user applications hardly need to be modified, and the cost of use is extremely low.

Quick Deployment

After the specification is selected, the high availability DRDS instance can be created within several minutes, and it can be put into use and create values immediately.

Convenient to Perform Operation and Maintenance

In the meanwhile, the instance contains complete performance monitoring and abnormal alarm functions, which the main operating functions can be completed on the console so as to greatly simplify the amount of operation and maintenance

Update Time:2019-07-12 18:44:16