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Create Instance

1 Enter instance list page

The current page will display the summary information of each DRDS instance under current region, including billing information, expiration time, etc. Click New to create a DRDS instance.

Instance List

2. Select instance configuration information

Enter Database Configuration page to select billing method (monthly package or pay by configuration), region and relevant configuration information. Price information under current configuration can be viewed at the right side.

We recommend users to select the region nearest to them, which can reduce the access latency and improve the downloading speed.

Note: each Intranet in different regions does not connect with each other.


3. Instance Name, Network and Port Number

DRDS can only be created in the virtual private cloud. If the user has no virtual private cloud and subnet, the user can create virtual private cloud and subnet through the links of New Virtual Private Cloud and New Subnet. After creation completion, click Refresh to view the created virtual private cloud and the subnet.

Then enter DRDS Instance Name and Port Number planned to be used


  1. Select Purchase Duration:

If monthly package method is adopted, please select purchase duration.

5. Confirm Purchase

After information entering completion, it can click the price information on the right side of the page and click Buy Now**

Confirm purchase

6. Pay Order

Then enter order confirmation page, click Pay Now after confirming the correctness of purchase information**

Pay order

7. Instance Pending

After successful payment, it will automatically return to instance list page that can view the instance status as Pending"**

8. Creation Completed

After a while, click Refresh to refresh the page manually, displaying instance creation completed, normal Running

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