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Product Overview

DRDS is the database middleware product elaborately developed by JD Cloud itself, which implements automatic database and table sharding and mass data. It has advantages of ** high performance, distribution, elastic upgrade, being compatible with MySQL, etc. It is applicable to high concurrency, online transaction with mass data, historical data query, automatic data sharding and other business scenarios, having experienced the test of "618" and "Double 11" shopping festivals and been used on a large scale in JD Group.

Function Introduction

Database and Table Sharding

  • By simple definition, automatic database and table sharding can be implemented, which is transparent to businesses
  • There are multiple splitting methods that can support the split of numerical value and character string types

Distributed High Availability Architecture

  • DRDS nodes adopt distributed architecture that enable multiple nodes to provide services at the same time
  • The backend storage nodes adopt MySQL instance, so that it is the high available architecture with one master one slave naturally

Monitor Alarm

  • It can monitor various major performance indicators of DRDS nodes, which can provide clear view of system running conditions
  • It supports customized alarm so that users can flexibly customize various alarm rules, which enabling them to grasp all kinds of information immediately

List of Supported Regions and Availability Zones

Region Region Indication Availability Zone Availability Zone Indication
cn-north-1 cn-north-1 Availability Zone A cn-north-1a
cn-north-1 cn-north-1 Availability Zone B cn-north-1b
cn-north-1 cn-north-1 Availability Zone C cn-north-1c
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