Service Restrictions

1. It does not support cross-database transactions

DRDS supports single database transactions, but it does not support cross-database transactions

2. It does not support cross-database join and sub-query

Now it only supports join and sub-query within the same database and it does not support cross-database joint and sub-query

3. It does not support mysqldump

DRDS itself does not support mysqldump. If users want to export data, they can directly login RDS·MySQL and execute mysqldump operation for each database one by one

4. Support of Unique Index

  • If Unique Index and the split field are consistent with each other, the Unique restriction cannot be affected.
  • If Unique Index and the split field are inconsistent with each other, Unique restriction will not come into force, as the data will be split to tables of several databases.

Reserved Keywords for Database Name

As data are actually stored in RDS MySQL at DRDS backend, the reserved keywords in DRDS database name are the same as those in MySQL.

mysql, information_schema, performance_schema, sys, percona, admin, aurora, replicator, 
xtrabak, root, mysql, test, eagleye, information_schema, guest, add, analyze, asc, between, 
blob, call, change, check, condition, continue, cross, current_timestamp, database, 
day_microsecond, dec, default, desc, distinct, double, each, enclosed, exit, fetch, 
float8, foreign, goto, having, hour_minute, ignore, infile, insensitiv, int1, int4, 
interval, iterate, keys, leading, like, lines, localtimestamp, longblob, low_priority, 
mediumint, minute_microsecond, modifies, no_write_to_binlog, on, optionally, out, precision, 
purge, read, references, rename, require, revoke, schema, select, set, spatial, sqlexception, 
sql_big_result, ssl, table, tinyblob, to, true, unique, update, using, utc_timestamp, varchar,
when, with, xor, all, and, asensitive, bigint, both, cascade, char, collate, connection, 
convert, current_date, current_user, databases, day_minute, decimal, delayed, describe, 
distinctrow, drop, else, escaped, explain, float, for, from, grant, high_priority, 
hour_second, in, inner, insert, int2, int8, into, join, kill, leave, limit, load, lock, 
longtext, match, mediumtext, minute_second, natural, null, optimize, or, outer, primary, 
raid0, reads, regexp, repeat, restrict, right, schemas, sensitive, show, specific, sqlstate, 
sql_calc_found_rows, starting, terminated, tinyint, trailing, undo, unlock, usage, utc_date, 
values, varcharacter, where, write, year_month, alter, as, before, binary, by, case, 
character, column, constraint, create, current_time, cursor, day_hour, day_second, declare, 
delete, deterministic, div, dual, elseif, exists, false, float4, force, fulltext, group, 
hour_microsecond, if, index, inout, int, int3, integer, is, key, label, left, linear, 
localtime, long, loop, mediumblob, middleint, mod, not, numeric, option, order, outfile, 
procedure, range, real, release, replace, return, rlike, second_microsecond, separator, 
smallint, sql, sqlwarning, sql_small_result, straight_join, then, tinytext, trigger, union, 
unsigned, use, utc_time, varbinary, varying, while, x509, zerofill, jcloud_yunding_db_push, 
jcloudv_push_rw, jcloudv_push_ro, jddb_percona
Update Time:2020-01-07 18:33:25