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DRDS SQL Use Restrictions

DRDS is compatible with MySQL protocol and syntax. However, as MyDQL still has some architecture difference, the use restrictions are as below:

  • User-customized data types and customized functions are not supported temporarily.
  • Temporary table, view, storage process, trigger and cursor are not supported temporarily.
  • Compound statements such as BEGIN…END, LOOP…END LOOP, REPEAT…UNTIL…END REPEAT and WHILE…DO…END WHILE are not supported temporarily.

SQL Restriction

  • Split field modification type is not supported
  • Creation, addition, deletion, modification and search to SQL, like schema.table_name, are not supported
  • Insert statements such as insert into ... select, load data and replace into are not supported
  • SQLs such as select into outfile/into dumpfile/into are not supported
  • rename table is not supported
  • Split fields and auto increment fields in the rename split table are not supported
  • A split table does not support CREATE TABLE ... LIKE and CREATE TABLE ... SELECT ...

Function Restriction

The following functions are not supported by DRDS temporarily:

  • Full text retrieval function.
  • XML function.
  • GTID function.
  • enterprise encryption function.
Update Time:2020-01-07 18:33:26