JCS for Elasticsearch


JCS for Elasticsearch

Application Scenarios

Log Analysis

Be able to load the unstructured, semi-structured, structured log data into JCS for Elasticsearch, and combines with Kibana for full-text search, statistics & analysis and multi-dimensional chart display, so as to get valuable information about users and application programs.

  • Statistics & Analysis: It supports a variety of analytical methods and dimensions.
  • Kibana visualization analysis: It provides a multi-dimensional chart display of data. 查询1

Application/Site Search

Application/site search provides an efficient way for users to obtain key information. Users can complete the quick retrieval of full-text contents of e-commerce products and mobile applications, etc. It supports the creation of advanced search and screening conditions; classifies and counts the eligible products at the same time; highlights the contents being searched; and provides near real-time indexing and accurate positioning from data warehousing to the completion of retrieval.

  • Real-time retrieval: Full text or object information can be retrieved in seconds to minutes after being updated.
  • Category statistics: Collect statistics of eligible objects based on category while performing retrieval. 查询1

Intelligent Monitoring

It supports complex functions of filter statistics, aggregation statistics for the user’s real-time clickstream and business data, to help the customer perform efficient statistics & analysis to mass data, find problems and opportunities to assist in making business decisions and improve data value. 查询1

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