JCS for Elasticsearch


JCS for Elasticsearch


High Availability

Provide a multiple replica mechanism, one shard can set multiple replicas; if a server breaks down, the lost replicas will automatically recover to other available nodes, which ensures the indexing efficiency of data and the stability of service.

Open and Compatible

Completely compatible with ELK product system, which covers the complete life cycle from data collection to storage and consumption; opens the access to a large number of easy-to-use RestfulAPI; perfectly supports Kibana and other peripheral ecology; conveniently for users to select appropriate plug-ins and clients.

Elastic and Flexible

Support online elastic expansion, which users can select suitable categories according to data bulk and search volume, and customize the bucket of nodes, flexibly implement configuration on demand, easily implement cluster expansion, dynamically expand the cluster to meet the requirements of business growth.

Simple and Easy to Use

JCS for Elasticsearch is a kind of complete hosting service, which does not need to deploy and maintain hardware and software facilities, but integrate complete cluster management, monitoring and alarm systems; users may easily conduct search, statistics & analysis for the cluster data.

Safe and Controllable

Deployed in a logically isolated private network to eliminate the risk of Internet direct connection, which you can access clusters through Intranet addresses in VPC without affecting external services, so as to effectively ensure the security of user resources.

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