JCS for Elasticsearch


JCS for Elasticsearch


Compatible with Native APIs

  • Open a large number of RestfulAPIs, which are convenient for users to select matching plug-ins and clients, and build applications based on ES clusters.
  • Integrate Kibana tools and achieve data visualization analysis.

Near Real-time Processing of Mass Data

  • Automatically distribute mass data to multiple servers for storage and retrieval, and search and analyze data at the second level.

Elastic Configuration

  • Provide 6 optional machine specifications to match different business demands.

  • High-performance SSD cloud disk storage, searching real-time and efficiently.

  • Support the transformation from non-exclusive primary node to exclusive primary node to ensure the high availability of the cluster.

Automatic Monitor Alarm

  • The cluster list can track and classify the current cluster statuses and master the health status of the cluster.

  • Provide multiple monitoring indicators including cluster status, cluster search QPS, cluster writing QPS, CPU utilization rate of node, disk utilization rate of node, HeapMemory utilization rate, etc.

  • Rich Alarm Rules Settings

Update Time:2019-05-28 16:47:14