JCS for Elasticsearch


JCS for Elasticsearch


By default, JCS for Elasticsearch cluster instance provides Kibana used to search, view data stored in Elasticsearch indexes or display data by methods of charts, tables, heat maps, etc. See Kibana official documents for more details.

Access Kibana by one-click

You can login JCS for Elasticsearch console to access Cluster Management page, click Kibana on the Operation column to open Kibana interface for use without installation and deployment.

Kibana Function

Kibana is a data analysis and visual platform for open source, you can quickly create and present dynamic dashboard of JCS for Elasticsearch search variation in real time through kibana.

  • Kibana architecture is customized for JCS for Elasticsearch, which can seamlessly integrate with JCS for Elasticsearch
  • Support complex data analysis and provide nearly 20 data statistics methods
  • Support time, tag and other categories with various dimensions
  • Support data export to facilitate to quick modeling analysis after its integration with other data sets for discovering new results.
Update Time:2019-05-28 16:47:14