JCS for Elasticsearch


JCS for Elasticsearch

Product Specifications

JCS for Elasticsearch provides a variety of node instance type. Users can configure the bucket of customized nodes as needed to meet the needs of different business scenarios.

  • ES node supports 6 general computing specifications: 1 core 2G, 2 core 4G, 2 core 8G, 4 core 16G, 8 core 32G, and 16 core 64G. Wherein the 1 core 2G is only used to testing rather than the production environment.

  • The count of nodes is limited to 1-15. Because an ES cluster usually consists of distributed multiple nodes, the primary node is needed to conduct unified management for the clusters. To ensure the stability of the clusters, you are recommended to select at least 3 nodes.

  • Single point storage, adopting ZBS service (20-1000G SSD) (step length of 10 GB).

Update Time:2019-09-16 21:11:44