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View snapshot information

  1. Directly launch a GET request to depository of auto_snapshot and snapshot name of snapshot_1 to get single snapshot information:
GET _snapshot/auto_snapshot/snapshot_1

Returned response contains various information relevant to the snapshot:

  "snapshots": [
      "snapshot": "snapshot_1",
      "uuid": "AMvUjS9HStmIk5e6BUr2Hw",
      "version_id": 5060999,
      "version": "5.6.9",
      "indices": [
      "state": "SUCCESS",
      "start_time": "2019-02-19T02:53:55.899Z",
      "start_time_in_millis": 1550544835899,
      "end_time": "2019-02-19T02:54:00.327Z",
      "end_time_in_millis": 1550544840327,
      "duration_in_millis": 4428,
      "failures": [ ],
      "shards": {
        "total": 10,
        "failed": 0,
        "successful": 10
  1. You can also use _all placeholder to get a complete list of all snapshots in the repository:
GET _snapshot/auto_snapshot/_all
  1. You can also view detailed information of snapshot by dragging _status API data:
GET _snapshot/auto_snapshot/snapshot_1/_status
It responds general status containing snapshots, but it also contains statistics values drilling down each index and each sharding, with different completed status of shardings being shown as below:

INITIALIZING: The sharding is checking the cluster status to view whether the snapshot can be taken for it.This is typically very quick.

STARTED:Data is being transmitted to the repository.

FINALIZING: Data transmission is completed; the sharding is sending the metadata of the snapshot.

DONE: Snapshot is completed.

FAILED: Error occurred when processing snapshot, the sharding/index/snapshot cannot be completed. View your log to get more information.

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