JCS for Greenplum

Product Overview

JCS for Greenplum is an online MPP large-scale parallel processing data repository service provided by JD Cloud based on the open source Greenplum, and users can set up and deploy new data warehouses within several minutes without complex large-scale MPP cluster operation and maintenance management, so that DBAs, developers and data analysts can focus on how to enhance enterprises’ productivity and create core value through SQL.

Main Features

  • Rapid deployment: Through the JD Cloud Console, Greenplum instances can be created within several minutes and then put into business application rapidly.
  • Service high availability: high availability architecture is provided by default; Master nodes and Segment nodes support automatic disaster recovery switch-over to ensure business availability.
  • Security and reliability: The instance is deployed in a user customized VPC, and network isolation protection is performed directly at the TCP layer; the user-customized IP white list is supported as well for security control from access source.
  • Easy-expandability: The instance supports to upgrade the node specification and expand the node number that can be adjusted based on the business conditions as required to meet the business growth requirements.
  • Convenient operation and maintenance: The Console provides rich visual monitoring data indexes, various data are clear at a glance, customized alarm rules are supported to master the operation of the instances anytime and anywhere.

Supported Version

The current version is Greenplum 5.19, and its corresponding PostgreSQL is 8.3.23.

Update Time:2020-01-07 18:29:10