Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service

API Overview

Service Actions

API Description
GetService Get all Buckets under the account

Bucket Operations

API Description
Put Bucket Create Bucket
Put Bucket Referer Set anti-leech rules of Referer
Get Bucket Referer View anti-leech chain rules of Referer
Delete Bucket Delete Bucket
Get Bucket (List Object) Get all information of Object in Bucket

Object Operations

API Description
PutObject Upload object
GetObject Get Object
DeleteObject Delete Object

Multipart Upload Operations

API Description
Initiate Multipart Uploade Initiate MultipartUpload Event
Upload Part Upload File by Parts
Complete Multipart Upload Complete Multipart Upload of Entire File
Abort Multipart Upload Abort Multipart UploadAbort Multipart Upload Event
List Multipart Uploads List All Multipart Upload Events in Execution
List Parts List All Successfully Uploaded Parts under Assigned Upload ID
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