Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service

Common Customer Scenario of Object Storage Service

Mass data archiving and backup: facing scenarios of cloud backup (cold/hot backup) of mass data, Object Storage Service provides two storage methods based on the data access frequency. For the cold data with relatively low access frequency and not high access speed requirements can be stored in low-frequency-access storage so as to reduce about 50% storage costs without reducing data durability, giving you a massive and low-price space for data backup.

Cross-region Replication Disaster Tolerance

User’s storage data can be synchronized to an assigned region by cross-region replication function to realize cross-region disaster tolerance of data and deal with calmly extreme disaster so as to guarantee smoothness of business, offering multiple securities to important data.


Accelerated Data Distribution

Facing the VOD source, picture resource and other hotspot file distribution scenarios, you can match the OSS and CDN services of JD Cloud, so as to realize quick and efficient content distribution in the whole network and enable you to make flexible response to the business scenarios with mass flow and high concurrency. You can use the Object Storage Service as an origin server and put hotspot resources in the Object Storage Service and then distribute the resources to end-user via CDN. Thus, it lowers your traffic costs, and shortens the time delay of terminal access.


Cloud Data Processing

After uploading the file in Object Storage Service, you can fully exploit the value of your data with the help of AV transcoding service, image service (scale, crop, rotate, watermark, etc.) and image identification service (porn Identification, face recognition, etc.).


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