Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service

Bucket Tag Service

Tag Introduction

Bucket tag is a key-value pair used to identify Bucket in OSS. It can be used as an identifier managing the Bucket for users to conduct group management of Bucket.

Rules Description:

  • A Bucket can set at most 50 tags;
  • Tag key: Case sensitive, 128 Unicode characters at most, cannot be null;
  • Tag value: Case sensitive, 256 Unicode characters at most;
  • The tag key in the Bucket tag set is unique.

Set Tag

The Object Storage Service supports adding tags through the Console. For setting steps, please refer to the following contents. For setting tags with APIs, please refer to Put Bucket tagging.

  1. Log in to the Console->Object Storage Service->Space Management->Enter into a Bucket->Space Setting->Tag Service. Under the page, you can view the current Bucket tag, and can add and delete tags.


  1. Click Add Tag and enter the Add Tag page.


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