Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service

Format Conversion

Convert format of image as required; one can designate progressive display and image quality.

Actions mode Instruction meaning Parameter format Parameter description Result description
Convert image format Format fmt/str Str resultant image format
value range[jpg, png, webp, bmp, gif]
jpg save artwork as jpg format. If the artwork is png, webp, bmp with transparent channel, transparency will be filled with white by default
Assigned image of jpg format supports progressive display or not Progressive p Optional parameters
p relatively support Progressive mode
not assign p to relate to non-Progressive mode
Image of jpg format provide progressive display function making blurry image clear when network is at low speed, which relates to Progressive mode
while file size of most scenario will be decreased slightly and image processing time will be increased slightly
Assign image quality of jpg, webp format Quality q/n N upper limit of resultant image quality
value range[0,100]
Resultant image quality=MIN(original quality, assigned quality)
Webp original quality is fixed as 85
Forcibly assign image quality of jpg, webp format Quality force qf/n N resultant image quality
value range[0,100]
Resultant image quality is forced to be assigned quality
Obtain original image Original o Optional parameters
o Relatively return to original image
Ignore other processing parameters

For example: Convert image format of example.jpg to png format



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