Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service



This document is compiled in accordance with AWS Java SDK. JD Cloud object storage service supports the AWS S3 interface. For more information about compatible interfaces, see Compatible Interface.

Environment Preparation

Please apply version JDK 6 or above.

Installation Mode

Add dependencies to the Maven project (recommended).

To apply S3 Java SDK to the Maven project, add corresponding dependencies to pom.xml. Take version 1.11.140 as an example. Add the following contents to <dependencies>.


Import the JAR package into the Eclipse project.

The steps are as follows:

Load the AWS Java SDK software development kit.

  1. Unzip the SDK.

  2. Copy the file aws-java-sdk-<versionId>.jar under the extracted folder and all the files under the lib folder into your project.

  3. Select your project in the Eclipse, right click to select Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries > Add JARs.

Select all JAR files you copied in Step 3 and import them into Libraries.

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