Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service


JD Cloud OSS image service (IMG for short) is a massive, secure, low-cost, and highly reliable image processing service provided externally by JD Cloud OSS. You can upload and save the original image on OSS and process the image anytime, anywhere, on any Internet device via a simple RESTful interface. Image service provides an image processing interface. For image uploading, please use the OSS uploading interface. Based on IMG, you can set up the image-related services.

Description: When you turn on the OSS service, the image service will also be turned on, without the need to turn on the image service separately.

Basic functions of image processing:

  • Obtaining image information

  • Image format transformation

  • Scaling, cropping and rotation of images

  • Adding watermarks of images and texts

  • Face Recognition

  • Image porn identification

Update Time:2019-05-28 16:47:16