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In order to use numerous applications developed by AWS S3, SDK/ and make third-party services access into JD Cloud Object Storage(OSS), JD Cloud OSS supports S3 interfaces. The specific supported contents can be viewed in the Compatible Interface. By providing compatibility of the S3 API, you can seamlessly migrate your data from AWS S3 to JD Cloud OSS, in order to make your data more secure, it is recommended that you use the https protocol when using OSS.

Currently, JD Cloud OSS is not fully compatible with S3 interfaces, but the commonly used important functions have been supported. We will further develop in the future and perfect it step by step.

Note: API of the previous version will not be development any more in the future, only API of new revision compatible with S3 will be developed, for better use experience, it is suggested that you use API of new revision.

Update Time:2019-05-28 16:47:17