Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service

Regions and Endpoints

You can access the endpoints listed in the following table through the S3 protocol.

Endpoints Names Compatible with S3:

Public Network Endpoint Intranet Endpoint Region Protocol
s3.cn-north-1.jdcloud-oss.com s3-internal.cn-north-1.jdcloud-oss.com North China - Beijing(cn-north-1) http/https
s3.cn-east-1.jdcloud-oss.com s3-internal.cn-east-1.jdcloud-oss.com East China - Suqian(cn-east-1) http/https
s3.cn-east-2.jdcloud-oss.com s3-internal.cn-east-2.jdcloud-oss.com East China - Shanghai(cn-east-2) http/https
s3.cn-south-1.jdcloud-oss.com s3-internal.cn-south-1.jdcloud-oss.com South China - Guangzhou(cn-south-1) http/https

Note: Original domain s3.<REGION>.jcloudcs.com can be used in a compatible way; In order to make your data more secure, it is recommended that you use HTTPS.

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